Non-Toxic and Affordable Kids Nailpolish

Last year, I was polishing my nails when my then 2 1/2-year-old daughter asked to also do hers. I never gave manicuring her nails any thought until then but we did it and she absolutely loved it. Since then, she requests a manicure occasionally. I never offer, I do it only when she asks because I believe it should an expression of her.

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At the time, my nail polish collection was filled with dark colors and lots of reds that weren’t appropriate for a child.   So, I decided to start her own little nail polish collection with colors that were kid friendly.

Besides color, I had another more important concern, toxicity. Toddlers put their hands in their mouth frequently, most times unconsciously. So I decided to look up some inexpensive brands with kid friendly colors on Environmental Working Group

I was surprised to find affordable and accessible brands that had colors and formulas that were non-toxic or carried very few toxins without carcinogens. I immediately headed to the drug store to stock up on super cheap brands (Under $2) like Wet N Wild and  N.Y.C Color  Other popular brands that carried nail polish colors that were non-toxic or low toxic were OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen and Revlon.  Each color tend to have different formulations so it’s important to check individual colors and not just the brands.

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Now that we’ve found safe colors, my daughter enjoys doing fun manicures. She loves rainbows, pinks, and glitter. I love to see how excited she is to show off her nails to everyone, describe her nail colors and her determination to have them dry without smudging is borderline hilarious.

Do your daughters get manicures? How old were they when you started to do so?

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