14 Tips For Managing Labor Pain



As women, there is really nothing that we can’t achieve if we put our minds to it. Just think about all of things that that we accomplish on daily basis. We are strong and very powerful. I think the best example of our strength is our ability to bring life into the world. From carrying a baby for close to 10 months while taking care of our daily responsibilities to giving birth. There is no shortage of information on how painful labor can be and while this is true, I wanted to share 14 tips for managing labor pain because the experience is more than the pain and it can be beautiful. I had two relatively easy births with my kid and I wanted to share some tips. I’ll be honest, they weren’t pain free but I used these 14 tactics to manage the pain. I wanted to share them so that you too can have amazing experiences because I can’t think of a day that would be more important to you and your family. This video is lengthy but its filled with many gems to get you prepared and through your baby’s birth.

14 Tips for Managing Labor Pain

1. Distraction

2. Relax

3. Create and control a positive environment

4. Prepare for the best

5. Connect deeply with yourself and do things that make you feel peaceful

6. Master breathing techniques.

7. Don’t be afraid to make noises. Grunt,morn, talk, or whatever you need to get through the pain.

8. Walk.

9. Find out your hospital policies.

10. Anticipate the relief of the rest between contractions, don’t focus on the contractions.

11. Take a long hot shower.

12. Use a Birthing Ball.

13. Get your partner to give you a massage.

14. Take a class, you can find classes through most hospitals.

What are your tips for managing labor pains?


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  • Holly

    Thanks for the tips. I am not pregnant nor do I have any kids, but my fear is labor and all the pain that comes following. I will keep these tips in mind for sometime in the future.

    • RattlesandHeels

      No problem Holly

  • MJ

    Great tips Adanna. I’m pretty sure I will be having another C-Section but you never know. I will keep this list in mind if things change.

    • RattlesandHeels

      I’m sure you’ll have a miraculous experience either way MJ ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to meet baby E

  • great tips. I’d like to add, stay at home as long as possible. It’s easier to manage the pain in your own environment and when you can move around and eat light meals.

    • RattlesandHeels

      Oh yes LaShawn, that’s an important one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great Tips and easy that expected mother can use. Walking is great for mild labor pain.

    • RattlesandHeels

      Walking is fantastic!

  • Christine St.Vil

    Girl, I could’ve used these tips 7 years ago. LOL Actually, thank God all three of my labors were between 9-13 hours. So in comparison, not too bad but goodness, the first one…I didn’t think I was going to make it LOL Thanks for sharing, and I’ll definitely share with expectant mommy friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • RattlesandHeels

      lol Christine, I can imagine. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey girl no kids yet but this is one of my most pending fears is giving birth! I know I was born aleady prepared to have baby but I just cant think about the pain (period cramps are killer enough..I really want to have a water birth one day and I also will keep some of your tips in mind too!

    • RattlesandHeels

      It’s completely different to period cramps! You’ll be fine. A water birth sounds great!