3 Tips To Bond With Your Kids On The Go


I’m writing this post on a Saturday night filled with energy, I mean it’s late and I’m on my couch wide awake. Today was pretty EPIC! See, in a few days The Princess Fairy and I will leave for our very first girls trip…hooray!  But can I be completely transparent with you guys? While I will appreciate all the one on one time with her, I’m going to really miss my little guy. So I wanted to spend some special time bonding with him this weekend. Since it’s fall, I promised to take him to get a pumpkin but we found out early in the day that the rain changed that plan for us. Good thing we’re adaptable because we still had a good time.  I believe that building a strong bond and level of trust with children as early as possible is really important so I wanted to share 3 tips to bond with your kids on the go.

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Everything to go.

When I say that my little guy likes to be up and out, I mean outside as early as possible. Me sitting around sipping my coffee and scrolling Pinterest makes him impatient. But I am an island girl and it definitely felt like fall today so I needed my coffee on the go. Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of taking coffee from home because of the challenge of floppy cups that fall apart. Actually, I’ve tried cups that left my hands feeling like they were going to explode on fire because they offered little or no protection. Luckily for me, I’ve stocked up on Dixie®To Go cups with an insulated layer so I don’t have to worry about burning fingers. I also love this cup because they have a leak-resistant lid so I don’t have to worry about spills on myself and on my little guy.


Keep it simple.

When we stepped outside and I realized that it was too cold and rainy to go to get pumpkins, we decided that we could still make it a productive day running errands. You don’t have to plan an extravagant date with your children to bond with them, it can be just having that one on one time running errands together.  I have to say that I didn’t realize how much that I missed doing these things with him until we started playing peekaboo in the car and I saw his eyes light up and his hearty laugh.


Make time together count.

I wasn’t able to give my son the full day with mommy because I had other mommy duties but we made the most out of our little time together. This means checking my phone less and once and giving him my full attention. I want my little guy to know that he’s important to me so I’m not going to take a call to chat with my friends while we are out together. I know as moms it sometimes feels almost impossible to have that one on one time with our kids but you don’t have to spend a full day, as little as an hour will make a huge difference.


Our fall Saturday bonding time went really well and I feel like I achieved my goal of feeling closer to my handsome little boy.

What are your tips to bond with kids on the go?


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