6 Ways to Entertain a Baby

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Now that she’s four months old, my baby girl is past the newborn stage, and she’s not sleeping as much as before. When she’s up, and her little eyes are always searching around whatever room she’s in looking for fun. We love this about her; it’s like she’s looking for the party. When I tell my friends that she’s always looking for the party they laugh, but it’s true, she loves to have a good time. So keeping this little girl happy and entertained is what we do these days. I remember the days when I was a first time mom and struggled to entertain my baby. I would bore her by singing the same songs over and over or just tickle her nonstop because I couldn’t think of anything else. Now, three kids later I’m confident and know some practical ways to keep my baby from getting bored. If you’re looking for ideas, here are six ways to entertain a baby based on my experience:

Entertain a Baby

While I can’t create a hard schedule, I know her daily routine, so I drop everything at certain times of the day and give her my undivided attention. Limited time means finding clever ways to get my work and errands completed while she’s sleeping. I work after she goes to bed at night, and I do online shopping or wholesale shopping for our home at BJ’s Wholesale Club. We joined BJ’s in May 2013 while I was pregnant with my son and we’ve been using it since to get everything from board books to groceries, diapers, wipes, baby wash, to cupcakes for class parties. Joining BJ’s was a good money move because we save on brands that we trust and have used for years as well as BJ’s exclusive Berkley Jensen line.  We save time too because we get everything in one store giving us more family time.

Entertain a Baby

Read to your baby.

Entertain a Baby

As most of you know by now, I love to read to my children. Cuddling up with a book is something we all enjoy. I read to the baby at least once a day and her big sister reads to her too. I shared some of our favorite books to read her here if you need ideas and you can also find a great selection of baby books at your local BJ’s club.

Play in the Mirror.

Babies love to stare at their image and your image in the mirror. It’s fascinating to them, and if you make funny faces in the mirror, you’re sure to get bonus giggles from your little one.

Play Peekaboo.

Entertain a Baby

Peekaboo is an old favorite because babies love surprises. Sometimes when we play peekaboo with her, you could see astonishment in her little eyes.

Listen to music.

Babies enjoy music too! You may notice a change in your baby’s demeanor when music is on. I play lots of neo-soul during the day, and it seems to relax the baby.

Entertain a Baby

Make diaper changes fun.

There is no other time you get the complete attention of your baby than during diaper changes so using that time as an opportunity to have some fun. My voice isn’t the smoothest, but I sing her songs and play with her while changing her and she always giggles. If singing isn’t your thing, a nursery rhyme, beatboxing or a poem will work just as well.  I try my best to make it a comfortable experience for her by using products like Berkley Jensen ultra sensitive wipes which I love because they’re fragrance-free and do not contain questionable ingredients like parabens, phthalates, dyes or alcohol. I started using BJ’s Wholesale Club Berkley Jensen diapers a few weeks ago, and I was surprised by how absorbent they are and how well they fit her little body.

Entertain a Baby

I hope you can have fun and create some beautiful memories and moments with your baby using these tips. Don’t worry, babies get tired fast so you wouldn’t have to do all six of these at one time. If you’re not already a member, sign up for BJ’s Wholesale Club here with my refer-a-link here so you can get a $25 gift card as my friend. If you enjoy couponing, BJ’s also accepts manufacturers coupons. Over the next year, I will be sharing more of our favorite BJ’s Wholesale Club items for babies and the family here on the blog and social media so stay tuned.


 What’s your favorite way to keep your baby entertained?