Babywearing: Tips for Baby Naps on the go

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New York City winters would give you such a bad case of cabin fever that you would find an excuse to go outside every day once spring (really) starts.  This year, my cabin fever intensified because I stayed indoors even more since baby girl was born in the middle of the cold and flu season. Now that it’s spring, I’m celebrating our new freedom and although she can’t talk I get the vibe that she is too. Fortunately for us, living in New York City means that there is always something to do and even walking around the block can be an adventure. As I mentioned before with this baby, I feel free as a bird because I’m babywearing. Putting her in the baby carrier and heading out the door is effortless with her snug next to me, and I know she feels safe. So much so, she loves to nap on me which is a great relief because I do not have to stress about rushing back home for nap time. I know moms worry about nap time, it’s natural to feel that way, so I wanted to share a few tips baby naps on the go:

Babywearing: Tips for Baby Naps on the go

Keep a breathable blanket handy.

In addition to her Baby K’tan Print Carrier (isn’t it pretty?) I walk with her Baby K’tan Newborn Baby K’tan® Newborn Swaddle & Toddler blanket. She’s had these blankets (it’s a set of two) since she was two months old and we’ve used them to swaddle, protect her, as a nursing cover and at other times for comfort. It’s fascinating how much privacy this blanket gives us, I don’t always feel comfortable (or safe) nursing in public, so it’s also comforting to me. This blanket fits into the tiny pocket of my baby carrier, so it’s always handy. It’s chemical-free, azo-dye-free, formaldehyde free, 100% all natural cotton and mesh, so I have no reason to worry about her snuggling with it or attempting to play peekaboo with it.

Babywearing: Tips for Baby Naps on the go

Make sure your baby doesn’t get hot.

I always dress my little lady in layers based on the temperature, but while we’re out, I check on her often to see if she’s sweating to remove a layer if I need to for her safety. The last thing I want is for her to be hot and uncomfortable during her nap especially this time of the year.

Babywearing: Tips for Baby Naps on the go

Don’t wake a sleeping baby.

A few weeks ago, I walked to our local bookstore for storytime with the baby, and she fell asleep in the baby carrier on our way there. I was bummed but I let her sleep, and towards the end, she woke up on her own, happy and alert. I know if I woke her up when we arrived she would have been no fun. I’ve also noticed that when I’m wearing her, and she wakes up, she peeks a few times and checks out our location before letting me know she’s awake.

Babywearing: Tips for Baby Naps on the go

As you can tell, I’m enjoying the freedom that babywearing is giving me this spring, and I hope you are too and these tips help you to go out and create some beautiful memories with your baby. Find my super cute dandelion Baby K’tan Baby Carrier on their site along with their amazing blankets.

What are your tips for baby naps on the go?



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