Back to School Trends: Sequin Backpacks & Graphic Tees

Sequins Backpack

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I’m not proud of  it, but I am a procrastinator, for the past few years I waited until it was close to the date school reopened to scramble for everything the kids needed and I found myself overwhelmed. This year, I started thinking about back to school shopping before the school year was even over. I want to enjoy summer and not have back to school prep hanging over me for the next two months. Since my daughter is heading to third grade and her list is longer than my son’s, she’s first on the list. Now that she’s older she’s a bit more aware of what’s trending and more opinionated about what she wants. So much so one day at the mall, she asked me to go into the Justice store with her when she saw a top in the window she loved and just so, her obsession with Justice (like most girls her age) started. I don’t mind since the clothes at Justice while trendy are age-appropriate and encourage girls individuality. So I wanted to share a few cool trends for the new school year you can find at Justice right now:

Sequin backpacks

My daughter squealed when we opened up our Babbleboxx, and this gorgeous unicorn backpack from Justice was inside. She has been obsessed with unicorns and sequins for as long as I can remember. Once when she was 3, she came out of my closet in my gold sequin dress looking like a mini Diana Ross. But it’s hard to find sequin accessories that are age appropriate however that’s all about to change thanks to this gorgeous unicorn sequin backpack. It’s like the designers at Justice met with my girl in private for ideas because this backpack is 100% her.

The backpack is very spacious and can accommodate her textbooks, folders comfortably with room for more stuff. She’s thrilled because as if the backpack isn’t gorgeous enough, there are the matching accessories including fuzzy keychain, water bottle, roomy pencil case, lunch box and wristlet.

The accessories are all well designed and while cute they’re functional for kids, the back straps on her back packs are padded making it more comfortable for her to carry her books around. It’s just the perfect backpack, and the few times my daughter has worn it so far, she’s gotten lots of compliments.  You can get my daughter’s Unicorn Flip Sequin backpack here, and there are a few other sequin style backpacks on the Justice website.

Foil graphic tees 

Graphic tees are ideal for kids to express their personality. My daughter likes to wear graphic tees especially to school since she can wear them with any bottom, and she can wear them to play with her friends.  This past school year she was really into graphic tees with girl power messages. The Justice selection of graphic tees is extensive, and you can always find positive messages. These tees are fun and fresh for those warm days during the first semester. Below she’s playing in one of Justice tops for girls that we received in our Babbleboxx. These tees are priced really well at Justice and they usually have good deals when you stock up.

Which of these back to school trends would your daughter like?

Back to School Trends: Sequin Backpacks & Graphic Tees

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