Banging Valentines Date Night Looks

Banging Valentines Date Night Looks

This is a safe space ladies, so let’s be completely honest. On Valentines Day, we WANT to look banging and sexy but not in an over-the-top skanky way. So, here are 3 looks that accomplishes just that:


Nothing screams sexy more than animal print, give your lover a taste of your adventurous side in this leopard wrap dress.


Leopard Valentines
Lacy Lucy
Let’s face is it, lace is provocative as it’s reminiscent of lingerie. This lace dress is suggestive but not skanky or over-the-top.  Plus, I adore the peekaboo slit.
Lace for Valentines
Red Siren Hot
This classic dress is perfect for the holiday lover who loves celebrating Valentines day. What I absolutely love about it is the fact that it can be worn from day to night.Plus, it’s no secret that men are strongly attracted to a woman in red.
Valentines Dinner Date
Are your a lace, leopard or red dress kinda’ gal?

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