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Recently, I realized that I’ve never shared the back story of how my son, The Super Knight got his nickname. My son was born last July and when he came home he was so little I kept reminding my daughter to be gentle with him. She would try to grab him or hug him too tight which would scare us. By the time he was one month old, he was accustomed to these random tight hugs and he somewhat seemed to enjoy them. I noticed how his little eyes would follow his big sister around the room and he would try to wiggle his way closer to her. Then one day, she was dancing and abruptly bent over and buried her head into his little belly. This scared me and I was about to interject and remind her to be gentle when I saw his little bright face and how happy he seemed. He loved the rough play and more than anything he loved his big sister (still does).  Since then, I let them be and because he’s so tough we nicknamed him The Super Knight because it’s like he’s wearing body armor. His name is such a big part of his personality that I thought it would be cool to get him some personalized clothing for the holidays. Since, he’ll be reuniting with relatives who haven’t seen him since he was an infant last Christmas, I thought this would be a cute reintroduction. Bright Star Kids have the cutest personalized shirts and I was happy that I could find cool styles for boys. You know shopping for boys is always a struggle.


I decided to go with the Mustache shirt with his hashtag #TheSuperKnight that way he can be found easily on Instagram.  No need for me to search through my phone to show pictures of him. I loved the fact that I could see a preview of how his name would look on the finished shirt, I could save his name for other products I want to buy from the site in the future. Also, Bright Star Kids gives you the option to use an international keyboard that has all characters so if your child has an accent on their name you can easily include it.

This boombox shirt is EVERYTHING!

bright-star-kidsbright-star-kids-shirts-reviewDon’t mind the band-aid, 17 month old boys have to rump and seriously this band-aid needs it’s own blog post.

If you’re looking for something more festive, I also fell in love with this Truck shirt.


I got two shirts for him and one for my daughter, the prices ranged between $11.95 and $24.95 and I find the quality to be good and I can tell that it would withstand all the heavy-duty washing boys clothes need. So far, I’ve washed his shirts once and they faded just a little.

Besides Bright Star Kids shirts, I really liked their labels. Y’all know how much I love chalkboard so this chalkboard Christmas list sticker acaught my eyes. It’s so cool and modern and if you change your mind as often as my daughter it’s perfect to erase and start new list 😉

ChristmasStocking-Chalk-Wall-Stickers1They also offer the most adorable Holiday gift labels! I plan on using plain brown, white or newspaper to wrap the kids gifts so these cute labels will be a nice touch.


Bright Star Kids is based in Australia but unlike some other international companies I’ve ordered from the clothing came really quickly within one week. Also, the sizing is a little bigger than American sizes so the kids clothes were a little bigger than I anticipated but they’ll grow into it. You can check out all of their clothing here and their personalized stickers here.

Do you purchase personalized clothing for your kids?

>This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine. Comments on this site may appear on other sites.

p>This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.