Current Obsession: Bucket Bags

Spring Weekend Accessory: Bucket Bags

Are you looking for a fresh fashion accessory to add a playful and stylish element to your Spring 2014 weekend outfits? Make friends with the bucket bag. It’s fun, fashionable yet functional, a mother’s dream.

MATTERMATTERS Bucket Shoulder Bag - Grey

I remember the bucket bag been popular when I was a child and I enjoyed seeing them slinging to the sides of older women. It’s back with it’s retro vibe yet modern and edgy. It’s as if Nicole Ritchie and Diana Ross compromised on it’s design.  Personally, I have a bucket bag that’s become my staple casual bag lately. What’s surprised me about my bucket bag is how spacious it is. I’ve lured a ton of my stuff like magazines, SLR camera, makeup bag and diapers around in it quite comfortably. However, because it’s long, it doesn’t lend itself to wide things such as iPads and most books but it’s convenient nonetheless. Bucket bags are perfect for moms since they are roomy and versatile. You can wear your bucket bag as a shoulder or messenger bag.

A metallic bucket bag makes this trend very glamorous.

Sabrina Tach Tajos Gold
Juicy Couture Selma Leather Mini Bucket Bag

It’s also very feminine and the perfect complementary accessory  to a bohemian inspired look.

Sophie Anderson Nataly woven cotton bucket bag

Most of us spend love to spend spring days outside after been stuck inside all winter. This bag would also be the great accessory for spring break travel, Sunday morning brunch, Easter festivities and Mothers Day lunch.

While most bucket bags are more casual there are a few styles like the color block style below that can be used for work or for a polished look.

Color-Block Printed Drawstring Bucket Bag Dark Red

Freshen up a pastel color outfit with this clean, white perforated style bucket bag another spring must-have.

Elizabeth and James Cynnie Perforated Backpack, White/Black

What do you think about the bucket bag trend?