DIY: Easy Glamorous Handmade Holiday Cards



You will need:

  • Card Stock Paper
  • Silver Glitter Paper
  • Glue
  • Christmas Stickers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencils

PS: Card Stock Paper, Christmas Stickers and Glitter Paper were purchased at Michael’s.

Card # 1 Glitter Christmas Tree

       Bend Card stock paper in half. 

Snapshot 2 (12-13-2013 10-43 AM)Snapshot 4 (12-13-2013 10-44 AM)

       Cut the corners into small curves.

Snapshot 6 (12-13-2013 10-44 AM)

           Draw Christmas tree. If you cannot draw free hand, you can draw 3 triangles on top of each other. The largest at the bottom.


       Cut out Christmas Tree.

Snapshot 9 (12-13-2013 11-55 AM)Glue Christmas tree to the front of the card

Snapshot 12 (12-13-2013 12-27 PM)

Attach smaller stickers to the Christmas tree as ornaments.

Snapshot 13 (12-13-2013 12-28 PM) Snapshot 16 (12-13-2013 12-36 PM)

     Glitter Christmas Tree Card.


        Card # 2 Super Easy Glitter Card

        Bend cardstock paper into card.

        Cut a square out of Glitter paper.

Snapshot 20 (12-13-2013 1-13 PM)

      Glue square to front of card.

Snapshot 21 (12-13-2013 1-13 PM)

        Choose 3 stickers of the same color. I chose black. Attach them to the card in the pattern shown.

Snapshot 22 (12-13-2013 1-14 PM)


card 2


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Hope you have fun making these cards. Feel free to ask me questions @rattlesandheels on twitter and tag me your pictures on instagram. Enjoy your weekend!