Six Bloggers Share Favorite Summer Lip Colors

Bloggers Favorite Summer Lip Colors

I hope you had a wonderful July 4th weekend! Ours involved two kids, fireworks and a night that ended with them fast asleep in the backseat with ice cream stained faces. Anywho, with July 4th behind us we are now in the thick of summer. At the end of my last post I promised you a surprise today and I always keep my promises to my Rattles and Heels babes. The surprise like you probably guessed by the title of this post and collage above is a collaboration between myself and five other bloggers. We got together to share our favorite lipstick and lip gloss colors for summer 2014. Fun girl stuff right? Here’s your line up; Ashley of Mommy Week, Ariel of Ariel Says Now, MJ of FabHauteMama, Cherese of Afrophire Magazine and Vee of VeePeeJay. What I love most about  teaming up to share our favorite lippies, is that you ladies will have tons of options to choose from, you must see a color that you’ll want to try. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

So without further ado, my favorite lip color for summer 2014 {opens envelope} is…


NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Peach Bellini!

nyx peach bellini lipstick review

Say what? No bold lip stick?

I know, I know I am bit of a bold lipstick dragqueen and I do love my bold lipsticks but it’s hot and makeup is melting and I’m just trying to keep my makeup situation fresh and clean for the summer. So lately, I’m going for more of a less is more look and I’ve found that NYX Peach Bellini looks great barefaced or with minimal makeup.

Rattles and Heels Pics

If you’ve never tried NYX it’s worth a shot because it’s really inexpensive, I paid only $3.99 for this lipstick at Ulta. I started buying their products a year ago and I’ve found that I save money without sacrificing quality. I’ve use many lipsticks of different price points and what I enjoy most about NYX lipsticks is the texture. It goes on smooth and is very moisturizing almost like a lip balm.

Favorite Lip Color for Summer 2014


NYX Peach Bellini Review

One thing I must say is that the packaging of this product can be bit misleading as the color on the tube looks more orange than peach.

NYX Bellini Lipstick Review

It’s pretty simple and low maintenance and I absolutely love it!

Favorite lip color Summer 2014

So, that’s my favorite lip color for summer 2014 but the cool thing about this collaboration is that you’ll get to see my blogging buddies favorites too. So, hop on over and check out their favorites. You’re sure to find some inspiration and a color that you’ll love!

NYX Peach Bellini Review

Here’s where you’ll find them:

Ashley/Mommy Week:
Ariel/Ariel Says Now:
Cherese/Afrophire Magazine:

Have fun!

NYX Peach Bellini Review

First, let’s take a selfie!

What’s your favorite lip color for summer of 2014?