Hot Spring Trend 2015 BACKPACKS


Let’s chat spring trends 2015 tonight, particularly backpacks. Lately, I’ve been swooning over backpacks and I need one ASAP, they are the perfect it accessory for the spring and summer since I’m always on the go with my kiddies. In the past, this mom in heels would of turned away from backpacks but they are all I can think about lately. No, it’s not because I spend too much time with The Princess Fairy, I’m not talking pink an purple backpacks or worst, Dora style.

The backpack has grown up my friends. It’s mature, sexy and fashion forward and may even go on a sweet date with you.  From perforated, studded, leather to tribal print I’m just lusting after them all.

Can I have them all? No really, can I?

A love these bright punchy colors. Perfect complement to spring outfits. I would even rock these with cute sundresses.


A fringe backpack! Need I say more. You’re sold now, right?
This perforated backpack is perfect for new moms who want to pass up on traditional diaper bags. The different compartments make it easy to organize and find babies things.
If you’re more of a rockstar mommy (which I am sure you are if you read Rattles and Heels) you’ll love this studded backpack. Nothing says rockstar like studs.
This tribal print backpack is such a fun bag! It’s just perfect for a zoo day with the kids.

Are you going to try the backpack trend or leave it to the kids?