How I Track My Baby’s Milestones

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Last week, my baby girl turned five months. I can’t believe she’s been here almost half of a year already and while I sometimes want to freeze time so I can kiss her chubby cheeks and snuggle her tiny body forever, watching her develop and reach new milestones is exciting. Before I became a mother, I thought that only milestones like smiling, sitting up and walking were significant. While those are big milestones, as a mom of three kids, I know better now, and I keep track of all her social, cognitive, movement and language milestones. I know this sounds overwhelming and maybe a bit intimidating but thanks to the free CDC’s Milestone Tracker app, I know which milestones to look out for, and I can track them in one place. This app makes all of her wellness checks go smoother than they did with my older kids and even reminds me when to schedule her pediatrician check-ups, which I need with my mom brain.

How I Track My Baby's Milestones

Recently we checked off two cool milestones that both her and our family is enjoying. She can now roll over in both directions and sit up. Whenever her siblings see her roll over they cheer and make so much noise that she laughs loud. Her little laugh is infectious, so this leads to lots of laughing. It’s amazing to see this little girl develop and I think now that my other kids much older, they’re as amazed as I am. I think none of us were ready for her sitting up so soon, but she loves it while we marvel at her. It’s a reminder to me that all kids are different as I note that all three of my kids reached that milestone at different times but within the same milestone window.

How I Track My Baby's Milestones

If you don’t have it yet, the free CDC Milestone Tracker app is available in both iOS and Android, and it tracks milestones from birth to 5 years. If your child ever misses a milestone; the app makes recommendations on when to act early and talk to your doctor which I think we all can agree will give us peace of mind. You can download it for iOS and Android to check milestones on the go.

What milestone did your baby reach recently?