How To Accomplish Your New Year Goals

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ow To Accomplish Your New Year Goals

2017 is here and we’re only days away from my birthday. Woot! Woot! I mentioned this last year (so don’t get sick of me saying it again) but I am always reflective around at this time of the year. I think about where I am, where I want to be and the distance between the two that I would like to eliminate. I must admit that since I became a mom, I’ve gotten a burst of energy for accomplishing my goals. It’s important that I set an example for my little ones.

If you checked out my Facebook live video this week (Join me every Tuesday at 1:30 pmin 2017) I shared that I’m not a fan of making resolutions but prefer to set actionable goals in a few areas in my life.  Now, I’m not going to act like I am perfect and I always achieve them because I sometimes I have to drop a goal, realize the timing is bad or that it would take longer than one year to achieve the goal that I set for myself. It’s never fun to come to terms with these truths but I absolutely love the feeling of achieving big goals so I wanted to share a few things that I’ve realized worked for me for to achieve some of the popular goals us modern moms tend to set:

Read More Books

I talked about this in my Facebook live video, I’ve found it difficult to devour a traditional book with two young children who need my attention, dinner to cook and clothes to fold. So I switched to audiobooks to get more reading done in less time. I’m able to listen to books while I’m driving or cleaning my home and I no longer feel bad about all the unfinished books I own. You can use Audible (you get a free book with your Amazon Prime account), find them at a local library or use your library card to borrow from sites like OneClickDigital and Hoopla Digital (which I learned about during my Facebook live). Trust me audiobooks would a game changer for you.

Meal Plan and Prep

One of my goals this year is to develop the habit to plan my family’s meals weekly and do meal prep during the weekend. This is something I failed at last year because I did lots of random trips to the grocery store and never quite ended up purchasing everything that I needed to do meal prep a few days in advanced or to plan my meals for the week.

Better planning and inventory of what’s in my fridge and pantry would be the solution to this issue. I’m going right back to using the Cozi Family Organizer app that allows my husband and I to sync our family’s grocery shopping lists as well as create our dinner plan through their cool meal and recipe box. I mentioned this app back in 2015 and I know a few of you got it and loved it too.

ps: This app is also great for tracking appointments and to-do lists. Can you tell that I love it? The app is free but the gold package allows you to use the shopping feature which we love. If you’re interested, you can try it for 14 days free (It’s $19.99 a year) just sign up here.

Spend Quality Family Time

I think most of us moms want to be intentional about creating memories, building bonds and just spending quality time with our families but the way this modern world is set up that can get tricky. Last year, I made the goal to have family night every Friday night but a few months into the year, I realized that I had to be more flexible because we all have schedules and unexpected things that come up.

So be willing to bend on family night, whether it’s changing the time or what you do together what’s important is to have uninterrupted time with each other.


accomplish new year goals

Save Money

One of my 2017 goals is to save more money. Both of my kids already have their own savings accounts and love going to the bank. It’s important for me to teach them how to have a good relationship with money from a young age and what better way to do that than model it. I shared on Instagram that my daughter has definitely held me accountable so far. I’ve had to explain to her that the basics still need to be purchased like food, and clothing. We’re just going to focus on great quality over quantity. I’ve been using Capital One 360 since they were IMG and I love them the same, the interest rate is great and I love all the tracking features and targets. For instance, if you’re saving $2000 for a family vacation in July, you can set your target account, name it “Family Vacay 2017” set the end date as July 2017 and the money will be automatically transferred to your account monthly.

Lose Weight

So I’m obviously no dietician or personal trainer but I’ve lost baby weight without the help of any professionals twice. I gained 60 pounds during my second pregnancy and lost all of it by the time my son turned one. My best friend was YouTube during these periods as I had babies and couldn’t realistically make it to the gym as often as I would like to. Some of my favorite YouTube workout channels are Blogilates because Kacey is so sweet, Super Hero Fitness by Kiera LaShae which is so much fun, BeFit and BaileActivo because I am a Zumba lover.

Losing weight is hard especially when you’re trying to do it yourself and it’s much easier to have junk food than to cook a healthy meal but I found both times that what’s most important is to never give up. There were countless times that I fell off the bandwagon but instead of staying off I got back into my workout leggings and kept going. So persistence is the key to losing weight, especially pounds you gained during your pregnancy. If you need inspiration, my friend Amelia lost 120 pounds after her second pregnancy, she shared her incredible story with us here.

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Start a business

Starting a business even if it’s a side hustle requires time, commitment, and sacrifices. If this is on your list for 2017 be prepared to spend more time than ever working than ever to make it a possibility. If you have an idea and don’t have any idea where to get started, head to your local Small Business Association, they are government funded and would assist you, help you find mentors etc.

Travel More

If you want to travel more in 2017 you will need to plan, plan, plan. Make sure that your family’s passports are current, set alerts for low travel rates and sign up for airline newsletters to learn about flash sales. Create a list of places you want to go to both near and far. You can curate great experiences in your state or a few hours away or across the world but you must plan to really enjoy your time so start early.

Try something new.

One of the things that I shared last year was to my design to try paddleboarding. I had a feeling that I would enjoy it and I was right. Once I tried it, I fell in love and this year I can’t wait to escape to an island where I can do it again.


Last but not least, don’t just write down your goals and put them away, make sure that they are in plain view so you wouldn’t forget about them. I wish all of your the very best and a very successful 2017!

What are your 2017 goals?

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