Look Good|Little Time Required

Look Good|Little Time Required

Look Good Little Time

As a busy mom with  two young children, my time to get dressed  is very limited but I want to look just as good as I did before I had kids.  My goal is to always ensure that I am expressing myself beautifully through my style and that my outfits tell a story that is representative of who I am. I am not perfect, I have days when I slip up but I have developed a structure that have been working well for me over the past three years. I thought it would be great to share since I know this is a challenge for most women.

Keep Your Eye Brows Groomed

I try to get my eyebrows professionally done every two weeks. In only 5 minutes you can frame your eyes, look more refined and younger.

Get a Good Haircut

Your hair is your crown, and you should wear it proudly. Communicate to your hairstylist what your needs are based on your lifestyle and your preference for a low maintenance hair style. A nice hair cut will give you a sharp and current image.

Wear Clothing That Fit Your Current Size

In the period after you have a baby you may be tempted to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes or continue to wear your maternity clothes. Embrace your body as it is. In the transitional period, I bought inexpensive clothes that fit my body at the time. I was lucky that I my son was born in the summer so I found really cute affordable sundresses.

Do Your Makeup Out of The House  

Prior to having kids, I did my makeup in the house but now that I am a mom, I focus on getting my family out of the door. When I worked outside of my home, I would do my makeup in my office or in the car after doing drop-off.

Select your Outfit the Night Before

When I need to go out early in the morning, the night before I check the weather, decide what I will be wearing and put everything that I need out. That way in the morning, I’m not stressing about what to wear.

Keep Some Accessories in Your Handbag

Stashing a statement necklace or a pair of cute earrings in your handbag can turn out to be a lifesaver for mothers. There have been occasions when I was short on time and left the house without any jewelry and found a necklace in my bag that I was able to pop on to complete my outfit.

Edit Your Closet Down

Keep your wardrobe edited. Every season, take inventory and get rid of the pieces that no longer fit or don’t fit you well. This will save you lots of time when you’re getting ready as well as money since you wouldn’t purchase duplicate pieces. Stock up on basics that fit you well and pair them with bold accessories.

Find a Celebrity with Similar Body Shape Who Can Serve As A Point of Reference

While I am not a big fan of most celebrities style, I look at the ones who are built similarly to me and learn from their hits and misses. I like to think of myself as benefiting from the unlimited resources that they have access to such as personal stylists, shoppers and designers. I translate the looks that speak to me for my lifestyle and my budget.

 Do you have any tips to add? I’d love to hear…

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