Mom in Heels: Lisa


Today, we have a fabulous mom in heels who can be found in Paris or the Caribbean at any minute. Lisa of The Domestic Lifestylist loves to travel and takes her kids along with her for the ride. She shares with us why travel is important to her, the importance of flexibility as a mom and how she manages to homeschool and run an online business while in heels.

Please introduce yourself.

I’m Lisa, a pharmacist turned lifestyle blogger following my bliss for food, travel, fashion and family all wrapped in finesse and style in the Washington DC metro area. Green tea and frequent travel are a necessity, and my Caribbean heritage mandates that at least one trip a year be a tropical locale for warmth and renewed creativity. I started The Domestic Life Stylist as a quest to follow my muse. Years later, I’ve been blessed to have some amazing opportunities in this space. So I create, I inspire, I write.

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Our little humans are 2 and 6 years young.

What’s the biggest parenting challenge you’ve overcome?

I’ve always been a planner. But kids are so talented and know how to turn a plan upside down. So being able to adapt is key. Wait a second…I’m still working on that.

How do you balance your career and motherhood?

Having an online business can be hard challenging because during the day I’m with my children. We school at home so, having a schedule has become really important. Nap times are strictly enforced and my husband is the best co-parent I could wish for.

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How would you describe your personal style?

My style definitely depends on my mood and where I am located physically. Catch me in the Caribbean and you may get “island chic” or “resort casual”. If traveling to Europe, maybe a bit more classic with some European flair. But mostly, I would say my style is sophisticated chic yet always ever changing.

Did your personal style change since you became a mother?

Yes! It matured a bit. I remember after I had my first baby I realized that something had changed. It’s not that I couldn’t fit the clothes anymore…. I guess my sense of style had matured. Longevity and comfort became more important than “quick steal” and “passing fad”.

What would be your advice to moms who are struggling to establish their style and make time to care for themselves?

Make time for your style. Make time for you. You were, “fill in your name here”, long before you became a mom. Don’t loose sight of her. She needs you.


Any tips you would like to share to new mothers?

Don’t isolate yourself talk to other moms about your struggles and wins. It helps so much.

Tell us about your blog/business and your motivation for starting.

I started “The Domestic Life Stylist” in 2011 because I believed and still believe that everyone has something to share with the world. This is my “share”. My goal is to have my passion for fine living shine through in each and every post. On “The Domestic Life Stylist”, you will find posts about fashion, health, style, family, food , travel and more. Life motivates and inspires me and I want to do the same for others by inspiring them to “Live Life with Finesse and Style” everyday.

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How can we keep up with you?

After you’ve gotten your free guide: “10 Wardrobe Essentials that Every Women Needs in Her Closet” by signing up for the free StyleLetter. You can follow along on Facebook: The Domestic Life Stylist/ Instagram: theDomesticLifeStylist/ SnapChat: Dlifestylist / Twitter: Dlifestylist

You can follow along on Facebook: The Domestic Life Stylist/

Instagram: theDomesticLifeStylist/

SnapChat: Dlifestylist / Twitter: Dlifestylist