Mom in Heels: Rhea

Today’s mom in heels is Rhea the blogger behind Sew Stylish Rhea. Rhea dishes how she manages to balance her life as an army wife, mom of two, jewelry designer and blogger.

RH: Can you briefly introduce yourself.

R: Hi I’m Rhea. I am an army wife and mom to two kids.

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RH: How old are your children?

R: I have a 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy.

RH:Tell us briefly about your birth story?

R: My daughter was born a month before her due date. At that time my husband was deployed in Iraq. I went through my pregnancy without him and even gave birth without him, which was the hardest thing to go through but I had a lot of support from my in-laws and mom. My husband says our daughter’s birth saved his life because when he was deployed he was suppose to go on a mission that another soldier had to take his place since he got a call from the American Red Cross that I was giving birth. The mission he was suppose to do, ended up being a bad mission where lives were taken so I guess you get the rest of the story. It’s very emotional when we talk about it but we are very blessed and thankful that my husband was able to come home and meet his daughter.

RH: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve face as a mother?

R: Mmm I’ve always been good with kids since I come from a big family and would always take care of my baby cousins or babysit my neighbors kids. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, changing diapers, bottle feeding, holding a newborn seemed to come natural to me when I had my first born. My challenge right now is making sure my girl and boy learn how to share when it comes to playing together. Whatever the older sister is playing with my two year old wants to play with it too! My son is in his terrible two stage and he’s a mommy’s boy so all of that together is quite overwhelming.

RH:You are also a military wife how does that influence your parenting style?

R: My kids are still very young right now to understand how we move every 3 years so my parenting style doesn’t seem to affect our military life for now. My five year sort of gets what’s happening but she’s easy going and always thinks it’s a new adventure.


RH: How do you make time for yourself and maintain your identity?

R: My 5 year old goes to school from 8am-2:45pm and my son is at home with me but I sometimes let him stay with his grandparents in the morning from 10am-2pm. In between those hours I am usually doing errands for the house, going to the museum, meeting up with a friend for lunch, working on a project, sketching or just sitting at home watching Netflix to have “me” time. It’s always a different routine.
I am so lucky that I have loving and supporting in-laws since they adore my kids so much. They love having the kids with them.

RH:What would be your advice to other mothers who are struggle to find the time to make time to take care of themselves?

R:I remember with my first born I was hibernating from the world until she was 6 months since I wanted all my focus on my baby girl, I was new at motherhood, I wanted to get used to my routine with her. I would say to the mother’s out there, take your time with yourself, be patient with everything, and you don’t have to always look glamorous whats more important is living in the moment and enjoying it. I know I got to learn more about myself as I was being with my daughter. I really didn’t care much about my looks though I still took care of myself but before I became a mom, it usually took me an hour to get ready. Now it takes me 15-30 minutes and I make sure my kids are taken care of first and then me.

rhea 6RH: How would you describe your style?

R: I like to be comfy chic, to me that means being comfortable in faux leather leggings, a sheer button down top (of course I wear a cami top underneath) and a leopard print cardigan with booties.

RH: How has your style changed since becoming a mother?

R: My style is still a bit the same, I just don’t wear as much heels like I used to. I mostly wear them for special occasions. Since I am on the go a lot I like comfy but still look chic.

RH: You’re a petite mom, do you mind sharing with our readers some of your favorite places to shop for petite clothing?

R: I shop at H&M a lot since the sizes and styles fit me well. I love how affordable it is too. I also make my own clothes since I love to sew too.

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RH: Tell us about your blog and business.

R: “Sew Stylish Rhea,” a fashion design and personal style blog based in New York. I share my behind the “seams” of my creations, my current favorite trends, inspired looks, and my fashion adventures from events to fashion shows. I also have a online store where I sell my handmade jewelry, I make peter pan collars with beads, gems, and sequins. It’s called A Little Bit of Chic, you can find it on my blog as well.

RH: How can readers contact or keep up with you?

R: and I am very active on instagram: sewstylishrhea and twitter: sewstylishrhea

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