Mom in Heels: Tara

I really enjoyed this Mom in Heels interview because Tara’s style is seriously cool! Tara is a rock star full-time mommy of two and blogger with fresh style and strong family values.

 Mom in Heels

Tell us briefly about yourself.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and moved south my junior year of high school. Having always loved fashion, I started working retail when I was 16, and moved on to buying and styling in my early twenties. I still dream of owning my own boutique!

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

I have been blessed with 2 little boys, Phoenix is 2 1/2 and Lincoln is 9 months. God willing, we would love to try for at least 2 more munchkins!

Mom in Heels: Tara

You’ve put your career on hold to become a full-time mother. How do you manage to maintain your identity outside of motherhood?

I never saw myself having children; I’ve always been totally focused on my career. After miscarrying our first, it was like something triggered and I just knew, I was meant to be a mommy. I live for my boys and am so grateful to be able to stay home with them. I think mom is my main identity these days, and I’ve totally embraced it. My husband and I still have date night, and I manage a day out with my girls every now and then. I’m still the raunchy fashion whore I’ve always been, my priorities have just shifted.

What would be your advice to moms who are struggling to establish their style and make time to care for themselves?
I think it is important to designate “me time” if you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re not going to be able to take care of anyone else. Somedays you just want to wear sweatpants and stay in bed, I get it, but a closet full of pretty things awaits you and that is motivation enough for me to get dressed!

Mom in Heels Tara
How would you describe your style?

Easy, breezy, boho with an edge.

Have your style changed since you became a mother?

For sure! I was a stiletto all day everyday kinda girl. I don’t think I even owned a pair of flats before I had my boys. Now, that’s all I’m drawn to when shopping. I’m really into easy separates and comfy fabrics.

Your slogan “Chucks on my feet, Shades cover my eyes, this is my Everyday Mommy Disguise” resonates with me because I also love chucks and sunglasses for quick style.What are other ways that moms can add some fast style on a daily basis?

Always, always, always have a killer pair of shades on hand. I never leave home without my sunnies, a giant scarf, and some lip gloss. You instantly look like you’ve got it together, and no one would know any different.

Mom in Heels: Tara

Tell us about your blog.

I started blogging as an outlet for my fashion obsession. I’m a Yankee girl living in the southern capital. Fashion tends to take a back seat for the average girl here and I usually stand out in the crowd. I try to take you on the journey with me as I navigate through life and motherhood and all the fun things these boys throw at me, while staying on trend by adapting it to my laid back mommy style.


Mom in Heels: Tara

How can readers keep up with you?

I’m an Instagram junkie for sure!! I try to keep it a healthy mix of fashion/kids/life. I love a good conversation about kids, food and fashion (duh!).