Outfit Of The Night: Bold Holiday Statement Looks

3 Holiday Looks for different personalities
It’s no secret that the majority of people dress based on the way they are feeling. Even in environments where a uniform is required, people find ways to express their uniqueness. Some days, we want to make a deliberate message. I’ve put together three looks that are perfect for making the bold statements that you want to make this holiday season.
If you’re single, this look is perfect for you. It’s feminine, light and fun. You will catch the eyes of suitors with this full skirt that says, “I’m available, but not easy.” These shoes are beautiful and will grab the attention of men who are usually not interested in shoes. All three pieces are great conversation openers, that will compel him to cross the room to you.
Tough Girl
If you’re going to be reunited with old acquaintances and relatives during the holidays chances are there would be unwarranted prying into your personal life or you may even receive some ‘hate.’ You need a look that says “I’m a tough girl and I don’t care what you think.” (PS: You shouldn’t! What other people think of you, is not your business.) This look is welcoming and says, “I am a fun, pleasant and exciting girl but don’t push my limit.” It’s also the perfect date-night outfit for adventurous ladies.
This look is perfect if you’re going out to dinner with your professional colleagues and clients. It’s a look that says “I’m smart, successful and sure of myself. I’m excited to celebrate my accomplishments this year and look forward to achieving more next year!”
What statement do you want to make to the people in your lives this holiday season?
Which looks are your favorites?