Packing List For Hospital or Birthing Center | Free Printable


Just one year ago, I was almost ten months pregnant and ready to evict my son. It was hot and we were both getting bigger plus I was really excited to meet him. So I had a conversation with my little guy and told him it was time to come out and meet his family then I packed my bag for the hospital.

This was my second baby so I had a little hospital experience under my belt and I knew exactly what I wished I had packed in my bag the first time around. There are a few things that I would of added to the list to make my family’s experience at the hospital at little bit smoother and more comfortable. That’s why I am happy to share this list with you  so you can have a comfortable stay at the hospital.

Here’s the breakdown, you’re going to need to pack essentials for yourself, your newborn baby and your family ie. your husband and older children. Your older kids will probably spend a lot of time at the hospital with you. My daughter spent the entire day after I had the baby with us and she needed change of clothes, sweater, socks and food.

Here are additional few tips:

1. Pre-register at the hospital where you plan to give birth before your due date. That will save you from having to do the paper work on the BIG day.

2. Download smartphone applications to count and record contractions and to log newborn activity such as feedings and diaper changes.

3. Walk with snacks, my hospital didn’t allow me to eat during labor and I was starving after I gave birth so the cereal bars and cookies I stashed (I know not the healthiest option) came in really handy. My daughter was almost 3 at the time so I packed apple sauce and crackers for her.

Go ahead, print this packing list of everything you’ll need for the hospital and pass it along to any of your girlfriends who are also pregnant.

Printable Packing List for Hospital or Birthing CenterPrintable Packing List for Hospital or birthing center

What item do you wish you packed for the hospital or birthing center?