Prepare Kids to Fly with ‘The New BIG Plane Trip’ Film

Prepare Kids to Fly with ‘The New BIG Plane Trip’ Film
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Thanks to technology and our generation’s obsession with researching everything, we’re the parents with a reputation of overthinking and over-preparing. The truth is, our kids expect it. My children are always eager to learn, and we end up going down an internet rabbit hole together looking for answers to things they’re curious about. Last week, it was volcanoes because of the eruption in Hawaii. This week, it only a few more weeks in school until summer break, it’s planes and airports. This summer, I’m taking them to Europe, and while this wouldn’t be their first time flying, it’s going to be their longest flight. So to prepare them, I turned to technology and guessed what I found the perfect film for the task Big Plane Trip.

Prepare Kids to fly

Similar to the trip that my kids are about to take, this film features a flight from the United States (Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport) to London’s Heathrow Airport. While we’re not flying from Atlanta, this trans-Atlantic flight is similar to our route from NYC and shows the kids everything that happens behind the scenes from baggage claim, pilot pit, different aspects of the airports and airlines functions, flight-attendant training and Delta’s chefs developing the in-flight meals. The film is informative, and I think it’s an educational not just for kids who are traveling but for all children who are curious. You can purchase it here or stream via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Prepare Kids to fly


The NEW BIG Plane Trip Trailer from William VanDerKloot on Vimeo.

The film is produced by Little Mammoth Media, Founder Bill VanDerKloot launched in 1993 to teach kids about how things work through education. Besides airplanes, there are films on submarines and national parks as part of the “Big Adventure” series.  My kids also loved the “What We Love About London’ film, which is a free kid-friendly guide of London’s historical sites and famous attractions. You can download it here.


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