Preparing For Another Successful School Year

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Over the past few days, I’ve been spending more time unplugged and enjoying all the last moments of summer with my kids. Yesterday, while the boys watched cartoons, The Princess Fairy and I slipped away to a nearby coffee shop for a chat. As she nibbled on her pastry and I quietly convinced myself against buying myself one, she asked “Mommy, what year were you in grade one?”  It was an innocent question but my answer seemed like it belonged in comedic history as she laughed at 1990 and she repeatedly said “Wow, 1990?” I couldn’t help but think about what grade one was like back then with no smart boards and tablets. While technology wasn’t as advanced in 1990, back to school had the same feelings of excitement that she’s experiencing now. Preparing kids for a successful school year in 1990 clearly was a lot different to these days. But I think one thing is for sure, setting kids up for success was as much of a priority then as it is now. Besides giving The Princess Fairy a mini history lesson featuring my life as a first grader in 1990, I’ve been preparing her for another successful school year in these ways:


 1. Reintroducing an earlier bedtime routine.
Over the summer, we were really lax on bedtimes. The kids stayed up late to read books, sing to the top of their voices and finish playing what seemed like the longest board games ever.  It was all worth it as we made new memories and had extra time to bond. Plus, those nights are the best sleep ever.
2. Planning make-ahead breakfasts and practicing new recipes. 
At the very top of things that make my school mornings suck is making breakfast and lunch. This year, I am hoping to eliminate that problem and maybe use that extra time to swipe on some lipstick by making breakfast the night before or over the weekend. I’ve been on the hunt for ideas and if you have any ideas let me know. I’ve practiced a few recipes like overnight oats, muffins,  quinoa bars and frittatas (which I haven’t tried yet). So far, I think I  may need a whole lot more practice except the overnight oats and chia pudding (tear drops) but I am determined to try more thanks to Pinterest.
3. Making sure that the kids take a multivitamin. 
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but as a mom, I like to also give my kids a daily multivitamin as a supplement to their diet. I must admit that I am really fussy about the multivitamins that I choose for them. The Nature Made® KIDS FIRST®Multivitamin Gummies with Omega-3 Gummies that they currently use provide 9 nutrients, plus the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Do you remember taking those separate DHA supplements when you were pregnant for baby’s brain development? Well, your little ones still need DHA.  While most of us strive to make sure that our kids eat balanced healthy meals daily we know that this isn’t always achieved so these gummies are an easy way to fill many of the nutrient gaps from their diet. These also tastes really good, I’ve tried them myself and the flavors are all-natural fruits with colors derived from natural sources.
There are no preservatives and they are gluten free. You guys know that I love Target so I am happy to share their Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® sale just in time to get your kids back to school ready with this deal buy any 2 Nature Made® products and get a $5 Target Giftcard offer to this one -Save 30% with this Cartwheel Mobile offer.
4. Chatting about goals.
Last year, The Princess Fairy’s big goal was to learn to read. She’s reading so well now that she’s going into first grade I am simply amazed at times. This year, she will be focusing on building on her reading skills by learning more about the world around her. She’s particularly interested in animals and science as she wants to become a veterinary doctor when she grows up.
5. Organizing our home.
There were so many old worksheets and notebooks laying around that were great to look The Princess Fairy’s growth over the past few years but I had to throw them away to make from for all the new work she’s going to be bringing home in first grade. I’m proud of her progress but I can’t hold on to these things forever at the detriment of a crowded home where she can’t think clearly to excel.
How are you preparing your kids for a successful school year?
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