5 Ways to Teach Kids Good Personal Hygiene


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ivory. The opinions and text are all mine.

┬áMy kids are hilarious! I shared over on my Instagram a few weeks ago that they ask me the funniest questions about my pregnancy like: “Did you swallow the baby?” My son who will be 4 next month is always cracking me up. He thinks he’s the same age as his sister who is now a few months short of 7 and he’s trying to do everything she does. For instance, she started to take her showers completely by herself about a month ago and he’s now convinced he can do the same. A few weeks ago, I was about to wash him when he said: “Mommy, give me the soapy (our name for washcloth with soap) and you can leave!” I started laughing because I was sure he was joking but then he started to whine that he could and wanted to shower alone. So, I decided to give him the feeling of independence and step outside the bathroom. He stood in there singing the Paw Patrol theme song and lathering up really nicely. As I watched from the door, I was shocked because I thought he would just stand and play in the water but my little guy got a pure clean all by himself. I was so impressed that I took some time to sit and chat with him about personal care. It’s not easy to teach kids good personal hygiene (especially little kids) but it’s important to seize the opportunity when they express interest. Here are 5 ways to teach kids good personal hygiene:

Teaching Kids good personal hygiene

1. Make sure the timing is right

I didn’t force either of my kids to start showering, brushing their teeth, washing their hands or cleaning themselves. Since they were babies, I waited patiently until they expressed interest and then I showed them how to do it correctly.

2.Set up a routine

My kids have morning and evening personal hygiene routine, they know when they should take a shower, brush their teeth or freshen up. They also know that they must wash their hands when they walk in the house, use the bathroom and before they eat.


3.Buy hygiene products you can trust

It’s reassuring to know that my kids are using products that I trust and know are safe for them. I’ve shared my love for Ivory Soap, which my family’s been using since I was a kid. I’m so happy to use it on my children too and when they shower by themselves, I’m not worried because I know they’re using a soap that’s gentle, pH Balanced and free of dyes. And it reminds me of my own childhood. Plus, unlike most other products that fall into this category, they’re also very reasonable. Actually, as most of you know I love to grab stuff at discounted rates at Family Dollar stores and they’re having a deal on all Ivory body washes (both Original and Aloe) and Ivory 8-Bar (Original) from today until June 30, 2017. I love Family Dollar because they sell the name brands that I trust at prices I feel good paying. Just in time to stock up for the summer since Ivory soap is also good for bug bites. So, go get shopping!

4.Practice until they get it right

My son is still practicing to shower by himself with supervision, I’m no longer in charge of soapy but I tell him where he should wash and remind him when he forgets.

5.Take safety seriously

Climbing out of a tub alone or trying to reach a toothbrush could be a safety issue for your little ones. Make sure that all of their personal hygiene products are within their reach when they are ready to use them independently and keep anything that can be harmful to them out of their reach.


These are a few ways that I teach my little ones good personal hygiene, let me know in the comment section how you teach your children.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ivory. The opinions and text are all mine.

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