Top 3 Baby Products for Stylish Moms from the New York Baby Show

Stokke Xplory Athleisure Edition

This a sponsored post. As usual, all opinions expressed are my own.

I have to say that in the world of baby products, things change really fast! I mean, I had a baby in 2013 and that doesn’t seem too long ago but in that time so many new products and brands have launched that I was totally in awe (pleasantly so) this weekend at the New York Baby Show. So many of you followed along through my Instagram stories and I gave a quick recap on Twitter but I wanted to go more in-depth and share my absolute favorite baby products from the New York Baby Show. Now, it was really hard to narrow things down to 3 choices because there were so many goodies but these really stand out. If you’re also pregnant or have a baby this is a must-read:

1.The Stokke Xplory Collection

Not to sound snotty but I live in New York City and not new to the world of designer strollers. I had a really cool stroller for my kids that I gave away last year still in fantastic condition so I wanted to stick with that particular brand but then y’all I discovered the Stokke Xplory Athleisure Collection and I fell in love. As an experienced parent, I can say that this stroller have all the necessities and I love the fact that it’s so sleek.


Stokke Xplory Athleisure Edition image courtesy Stokke website.

I hate any stroller that feels or looks in any way bulky. It’s easy to maneuver, lightweight, and have good storage space. I think one of the features that attracted me most to this particular edition is the athleisure materials (basically the same materials your gym clothes is made from) because it’s easy to wash. This makes this stroller perfect for our lifestyle as a New York City family on the go and with one hand steering, I can still hold onto my son’s hand as he’s not quite old enough to walk by himself. This collection of the Xplory stroller made it’s debut only two weeks ago and isn’t available at all retailers yet so you can say I am giving you an exclusive.


The Stokke Xplory Athleisure Edition image courtesy Stokke website.

Before we move on let’s take a moment to admire that sleek design again. Yasss!

2. Happ Diaper Bags

Happ Brand Diaper bag

Happ Paige Carryall image courtesty Happ website.

I was walking through the show minding my business when my eyes landed on the Happ Paige Carryall in Dusty Rose. Listen, I’ve never heard about Happ before but this bag is so stylish and so many of you messaged me when you saw my Instagram story to say that you loved it too. It’s not just pretty though, it’s quite functional so you can clip it to your stroller, there are lots of inner compartments so you can organize all of your babies things and even wear it as a crossbody bag. While this style is bae, I also love their Levy backpack that can also be worn as a messenger bag. Very stylish!

Happ Levy Backpack

Happ Levy Backpack image courtesy Happ website

3. Bloom Fresco Highchair 

 Bloom Fresco Chrome

Bloom Fresco image courtesy the Bloom website.

Apparently, all high chairs aren’t made equally and the Bloom Fresco is in a league of its own. It’s literally a showstopper, there is no way you can walk right past this chair without stopping to admire its chicness. Personally, I love the futuristic design of the Bloom Fresco and I think it’s a fantastic investment since it can be used during every stage from newborn till age 8. With my other kids, I had to wait until they were about 4 months old to start using their highchair and they were out of use right around their second birthday.

Oh, and did y’all know about mini cribs? Bloom’s Alma mini-cribs are everything especially for us city moms with little to no space for baby. They are perfection. Okay, I know it should be 3 baby products but the crib deserved to be mentioned.

Bloom Alma Mini Crib

Anyway, these are my top 3 baby products picks from the New York Baby Show. Don’t worry though, I will be sharing much more baby and pregnancy products that I am using and loving over the next few months.

Please comment below and let me know which of these 3 is your favorite?