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Since my daughter started Pre-K a month ago, I’ve been spending a lot of time at her school. All that time on her school’s campus has taken me down memory lane to when I was in college and frankly it’s leaving me wishing that I was a college student now instead of back then. I may show my age here but a little over a decade ago, I started college here in New York City. It wasn’t just a new school, it was in a new country, new weather and my first time living in a big city. I found myself terribly homesick and dealing with culture shock. It wasn’t the stone age but we didn’t have all the instant means of communication that exist now. There was no Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime or Facebook. However, I did have a cellphone and it quickly became my lifeline. It connected my new city life to the lifelong friends and relatives who were now thousands of miles away. As a college student with only a part time job working a few hours on campus, my cellphone bill was very expensive and I often found myself making sacrifices to pay this bill. I guess that’s why I wish I was a college kid now because unlimited talk text and data/web didn’t exist back then. Who remembers waiting for nights and weekends to chat? Talking on the phone only after 9:00 pm?

Walmart Family Plan
Look at what I found! My old college ID.

Now that I have the Walmart Family Plan, I’m enjoying unlimited talk text and data and a pretty sick phone, the Nokia Lumia. If I was on this plan during my college days, there would be no worrying about using all of my monthly minutes calling my classmates to collaborate on projects because the plan is unlimited. My phone at the time didn’t have calendar options so if I didn’t walk with my student planner, I would have no record of when my assignments were due. If I could of time traveled, the Nokia Lumia would of given me the ability to organize my college life. Back then, phones didn’t have cameras and neither did I, which meant that my family didn’t get to see me unless we were lucky enough to be online at the same time and do a webcam chat. You do remember having a webcam right?



During that first year, I headed back home during school breaks to cure some of my homesickness with my family’s love and the warm Caribbean weather. My plan at the time required that I pay for the months that I was out of the country. If I were on the Walmart Family Plan, I would pay only for the months that I used.



An unlimited plan is perfect for a college student to assimilate without the pressure of an expensive bill. My bill was more than twice the $34.99 that Family Mobile costs which is very affordable for a college student and the Nokia Lumia 521 is one of the coolest smart phones that can be used for staying in touch in modern ways like using Instagram and Twitter.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not just students moving to a new country and city like myself that would benefit from this plan but any college student getting acclimated to new environment and lifestyle.

How did you communicate with your family and friends while you were away at college? 

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