Wake Your Eyes Up

Brighten eyes

This weekend is unofficially the start of the Christmas holidays and I plan on putting my celebrations into overdrive this weekend. All that fun doubled with caring for a toddler and 5 month old means that I may end up with tired eyes. But I have big eyes, so walking around with tired eyes is not an option. So I have a beauty routine to brighten up my eyes on those days when I look like I should be taking a long nap on the beach.

1. My first step is to use a concealer around my eyes before putting on my foundation. I use a concealer that’s a few shades lighter than my foundation to brighten the area around my eyes. You can find great concealers in every budget. Ensure to use a moisturizer before applying your concealer to avoid a cakey look.
2. Secondly, I line lower eyelids using white eyeliner. This makes the whites of my eyes appear whiter. My advice, always keep a white eyeliner in your makeup bag, its a quick and easy fix for tired eyes.
3. Comb and fill your eyebrows. Wild eyebrows can make you look tired and untidy. Take a few minutes to comb your brows and fill them in, if necessary.
4. Keep your face matte by removing extra shine with oil blotting sheets. Your goal is to look fresh faced and well rested. Looking tired and oily is a horrific combination.
How do you plan to maintain your rest and look well-rested during the holidays? Please share with us….