5 Ways To Enjoy Luxury On A Budget


I’ve always been a lover of the finer things in life! At all points of my life, I’ve taken some time to enjoy some luxury. Now, you’re probably wondering how are you always able to enjoy luxuries Adanna? Where do you find the money? Well, the truth is that luxuries aren’t necessarily expensive. There are plenty affordable luxuries ( I know those two words together are a bit of an oxymoron) but I promise by the end of this post you will have a few ideas on how you can also add a few luxuries to your life. Let’s face it, all of us moms can benefit from a little luxuriating. So here are 5 ways to enjoy luxury on a budget:

1. Prosecco


I hate that my friends can’t make it over more regularly for a grown up ladies night. I finally got them to come over last week and I went ahead and created a super chic ladies night in.  There is nothing like the giggles from girl chat, seriously nothing like it and I wanted the ambiance to be perfect. I got my girls luxurious treats like macaroons and good prosecco. My prosecco of choice was VOVETI of sparkling variety that’s fabulous for our girly shindigs. After setting up all of my pretty and luxurious gold party decor, I bragged to my girls that VOVETI  produces only 15,000 cases of their high-quality craft prosecco annually. What I didn’t tell them is that VOVETI is affordable and only costs $15 per bottle (you need to keep some secrets).


2. Coloring Books


I consider time to be the ultimate luxury, it’s the one thing that everyone seems to enjoy bragging about not having enough of lately. I try to make the most of time and take advantage of savoring good moments. One of the ways that I’ve been doing this is by coloring. There are tons of really cool adult coloring books these days and I went as far as to get nice pencil crayons so I wouldn’t be sharing with my kids. Coloring relaxes me and helps me to be more present which is hard with all the technology I am constantly surrounded by.

3. Face Masks

Face masks have been part of my beauty regimen since my early teens. I just love to relax on the couch with a mask. Recently, I’ve been enjoying overnight masks and waking up to glowing skin.

4. Home Manicures


Since I was a little girl, I’ve always found great joy in at home manicures. Back then, my mom would set up her foot spa on Sunday evenings and we would take turns doing our weekly pedicures. These days, I like to treat myself to high-quality nail polish for my at home manicures. While they’re a little bit more pricey than other brands they’re still very affordable.

5. Fresh Flowers


I know you were guessing I was going to add fresh flowers to this list and that’s why it’s last. I love fresh flowers and I’ve said that many, many, many times here on the blog before. Flowers bring beauty and aroma into your space, a true luxury.

These are some of the ways that I enjoy luxury on a budget. Now, let me go enjoy some of that VOVETI wine.

What are your favorite affordable luxuries?

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